Our Story


Fuelled by a search for creative freedom, DGM Creative was founded with a sense of ‘people make the organisation’ not the other way around.

Our multi-skilled team is made up of passionate and talented individuals that understand the business of being creative. Our dedicated and well-versed team can and have executed numerous projects with unrelenting commitment and purpose.

DGM Creative is widely known for its expertise in brand building and strong partnerships, as exemplified by our long lasting relationships, some as long as 15 years. These relationships have been recognised with several National awards.

We work with the best, the ones that know that a Facebook page, SEO and a half-baked marketing plan based on what everyone else is doing is not going to get them to where they want to be.

DGM Creative is not a one trick; one shoe fits business; we are connectors, communicators, and an integral part of your business. We use our experience and networks to connect your brand; it’s people, products and services to your desired market.

We are respectfully honest and not politely dishonest. Our job is to give your business the best possible chance of expanding, and the only way to do this is to tell you the truth. Warts and all.

Vision – A generation seeking meaning

As consumers, most of us are trying to understand and connect with the offerings that best suit our immediate needs. The consumption matrix has changed, and we understand that.

‘Meaning’ drives us as well as breathing life into a brand. In that state of mind, working on brands is evident. We see ourselves as a partner with our clients (not an agency) to build an environment for a brand and its audiences to interact and connect, through shared values and aspirations.

Creativity is the tool we master to achieve this.

Experienced in all facets of creativity and not bound by the limits of any medium, be it branding, interior design, packaging, or digital, just to name a few.

We are hands-on with any platform that will enhance the message and concept.